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January 31, 2022

7-11 and Taco Bell Engagement: Addie + Brian



Alright, we didn’t just go to Taco Bell and 7-11 with these two. But we did absolutely incorporate those two locations to make this session pop with their personalities. When Addie and Brian first said they had a list of spots that are meaningful to them that they wanted to shoot at, we were down right away. Super rad locations that our couple also has a personal connection to? Yes, please!

These two did not disappoint. They are so fun and easy-going and really leaned into making this session about them. We loved it. They were open to trying things and brought their love to their engagement session full stop.

We cannot wait for their wedding next month at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu with the amazing HoneyFitz team. We know it’s going to be epic just like these two.


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